One rollerblader recently proved that “WAP” should, in fact, stand for “Wild Ass Park,” landing into an all-out verbal smackdown with an angry parent peeved over the skater’s penchant for playing Megan Thee Stallion songs in public.

“Hey! There’s kids around!” the angry mom — who was also allegedly PO-ed over the skater’s general presence — yelled towards the rollerblader.

“This music around children? Shame on you!” she continued, the song serendipitously switching from “Cry Baby” to Megan Thee Stallion’s arguably most iconic track, ”WAP” with Cardi B.

Though another voice from offscreen, one appearing to be from an irked passerby, defended the rollerblading rap fan — “no one cares! It’s a public space! Keep moving!” — the woman doubled down.

“I hope your parents see this!” she said to the skater, who was now rapping along with the 2020 hit.

We can only hope that the mom in question makes like the iconic track, grabbing a bucket and a mop for her wet-ass-tear ducts.