Though one male Karen may have headed to the movie theater for some popcorn and a show, he inadvertently found himself at the center of the action, throwing a massive tantrum after being asked to move from another patron’s assigned seat during a showing of Batman last spring.

After refusing to listen to his fellow patrons, theater staff paused the film and brought in an employee in an attempt to explain that assigned seats were mandatory. The man, however, refused to budge, berating the worker taking a futile stab at reasoning with him.


i was just tryna see batman ffs

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“Why do you have to have mine!” the wily moviegoer can be heard yelling in a now-viral video uploaded by TikToker @beargrieves — formerly known by the username @hawntd.

The usher continually tried to explain that he was sitting in another patron’s assigned seat — “that’s not your seat,” the employee insisted with an impressive air of calm — yet the man could still not be swayed.

“Go away!” he fired back. “I paid my money, I have a right to it.”

Still not understanding the concept of ticketed seats — “it doesn’t matter where you sit, it’s not assigned seating,” he falsely proclaimed — the theater finally got out the big guns, bringing this male Karen face-to-face with the final boss: The manager.

“Are you going to listen?” she asked, a move that miraculously stopped his incessant screaming.

“At this point you are disrupting the show for these fine folks, we’re gonna ask you to leave,” she continued offering him a refund.

While at first, the male Karen contemplated further escalating the situation, telling the manager that he “might want to be taken out in handcuffs,” he ultimately conceded.

“I still think I'm being the bigger person here,” he yelled on his way out. And he’s not wrong … if by person, you mean big ---hole.