Go ahead and talk that Wendy Peffercorn talk. That's understandable. But forgive me if I choose to round the bases with a different bombshell. Scotty's mom. Is she a classic MILF? Let me put it this way. Yes, yes she is. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm looking for something more mature in a marriage. Maybe I just want the perfect excuse to sing "Scotty Doesn't Know" after we bang.

She's clearly a loving mother. She's devoted, hard-working. She's keeping this household together while her husband Bill galavants off on "business trips" out of town.

 Already on her second marriage, she deserves better.

Also what a cool f***ing mom! She literally tells Scotty to go get into some trouble. I'm just saying if I had to choose between a gorgeous loving mom of one, or a flirtatious predator who holds a seasonal job at a public pool I'm taking the MILF.

You think Wendy Peffercorn lets Squints off the leash like that? I doubt it. Not to mention Smalls' mom is a baseball fan. Yep. Sign me up! 

She schools her own son on Babe Ruth history. What can Wendy do? Mouth to mouth? CPR? Big deal. She couldn't even tell that Squints was faking it the whole time. Don't even get me started with the age difference between those two. I can only imagine there are going to be some heated opinions on this subject, so I'll see you all in the comments.