One entitled couple recently discovered that rules on drinking and flying don’t only apply to pilots, getting booted from a Southwest Airlines flight after appearing visibly intoxicated while attempting to board the plane.

“You can walk away. You can’t come on this aircraft,” the flight attendant told the couple while standing guard at the airplane door. “That’s because you guys are jeopardizing the safety of this aircraft right now.”

Though the woman in question demanded a sobriety test — “I’ve been doing cartwheels and back bends,” she told the stewardess, referencing her behavior while waiting at the gate — her gymnastics display evidently failed to impress the flight attendant.

“You were flipping all over the ground, you’re engaging, you’re loud, you want attention from everybody,” she explained, also citing the fact that the woman apparently smelled of alcohol. “All of us, the whole entire crew saw it and all of us are in agreement that you cannot come on here.”

While the woman ultimately owned up to sipping on “one glass of wine,” her confession refused to make a difference in the flight crew’s ruling.

“Anyone who is exhibiting signs of being intoxicated is not allowed to come onto an aircraft,” she fired back.

Though it’s unclear how their faceoff ultimately came to a close, one thing is certain — that couple most definitely faced an interruption to their travel itinerary.