Someone's angry MeeMaw was clearly not lovin’ her recent trip to McDonald’s, throwing an apple pie through the drive-through window during a brutal battle with one of the fast food chain’s employees.

Though it’s unclear what, exactly, sparked this public display of — quite literal — clownery, the clip, which has since gone viral on r/PublicFreakout begins moments into their brawl, the woman holding up the entire drive-through line to pry open the sliding glass window and berate the employee.

“Give me another pie!” yelled the woman through her thick southern drawl. “It got run over, I want another pie.”

Though the — evidently very underpaid — worker in question obliged this request, handing her a second Baked Apple Pie, they quickly came to regret this decision, the woman throwing it full force through the drive-through window.

“F—k you!” she yelled as she stormed away into the parking lot.

We can only hope that the next person in line didn't order a McFlurry.