Sending a risky message on Tinder is pretty common, especially considering the odds you’ll ever meet your match in person are heavily outweighed by the humor of sending them your darkest intrusive thoughts. 

But sending your wildest pickup lines typically doesn’t work as a wooing technique – especially not when those messages involve putting a Trinidad scorpion up your ass.

That is unless you’re the Reddit user u/kristeenuh_, who shared her first Tinder exchange with her now husband on the r/Tinder subreddit. Let’s just say it’s a bit spicy.

“How it started vs. how it’s going,” she captioned the now viral photos.

The post has made its way around the internet and was recently shared by the rizz hall of fame Twitter page. Considering this story’s holy matrimonious ending, the rizzy exchange absolutely belongs in the hall of fame.

Unfortunately, when asked if she ever ate the scorpion, kristeenuh had a more boring response.

“Before inserting it up my ass I sampled a pepper and decided I did not want to explain that one to the doctors at the ER,” she said.

Still, as Beavshak commented, “Your kiddo is going to have an eye-opening read someday.”