No matter how bad your last breakup was, the friend of one now-viral TikToker evidently had it way worse, getting ghosted by her pro-hockey player beau after eight years — nearly a decade — of dating.

This tale of woe — one told by the ghostee’s pal, TikTok sketch comedian Emma Noyse — began after the player in question lived up to his job title, announcing that he’d be temporarily moving to Russia from his home in the United States after being offered “an insane amount of money” to hit the ice in the Eurasian nation.

@emmanoyesmaybe HE GHOSTED HER. AFTER 8 YEARS. Can someone please explain what is wrong with the male species because i have absolutely NO words. #storytime ♬ original sound - Emma Noyes

At first, their romance appeared to survive the test of distance, with talk of “rings and weddings” dominating their conversations. “He says ‘I can’t wait to see you at the end of February when I come home’” Noyse recalled of he friend's story, told in a “put a finger down”-like clip.

But this enthusiasm never exactly came to fruition. “The end of February rolls around and all of a sudden, he disappears,” she added.  Naturally, Noyse’s pal, as many of us did, began losing her goddamn mind, questioning whether her partner of almost 10 years had died or was thrown in a gulag.

As such, she contacted his friends and family who were shocked by her concern. “‘What do you mean? He’s just on vacation?’” she added of their replies. “‘He didn’t tell you?’”

The answer to these inquiries was apparently a resounding no, one furthered by his final correspondence.

“I’m sorry I’m not home yet, I will be home soon,” he allegedly wrote in what would be his last message to her.

Though he may have not replied to any of his longtime girlfriend’s requests for closure or an explanation, she ultimately got to the bottom of his disappearance months later, when he shared a snap of himself with another girl on social media.

Noyse’s video went viral within hours of posting, sparking debates on what, exactly, constitutes the next step after ghosting in such an extreme scenario.

“This isn’t even ghosting it’s straight-up abandonment,” wrote

@malencia,” After 8 years.”

“There MUST be a way to sue for emotional distress,” added @Gabriana while @emmy noted that they “would literally go insane” if this happened to them.

Meanwhile, @Chiquita Williams began speculating on the ways that she would get even if she were in the shoes of the scorned lover.

“Call me bitter. But I would def told the other girl about the overlap and posted his name since he wasn’t man enough to do it right, then moved on,” she wrote. 

We can only hope that this scorned lover does us all a favor and drops this player’s name … after all, this is one hell of a foul.