They say that it’s easier to dump a mama’s boy than it is to divorce a mama’s boy, and both of those are easier than trying to change a mama’s boy. One teenage Polish girl recently found this out firsthand after breaking her boyfriend’s heart and promptly getting challenged to a fight by his mom.

Fifty-year-old Małgorzata Zwierzyńska challenged her son’s 19-year-old ex, Nikola Alokin, to an MMA fight after she broke his heart — it’s not clear how, although some suggested cheating was involved — which is taking helicopter parenting to an entirely new, and somewhat alarming, level.

Zwierzyńska, who also goes by Gosia Magical and found fame online by making videos with her son Daniel, quickly defeated her much younger opponent after delivering a flurry of punches.

People were impressed. One Twitter user said, “Don’t ever mess with a mother after you break her child’s heart,” while another said the fight was “more entertaining than any Paul fight,” which is a low bar to clear, but still.

According to the Daily Mail, the promoter overseeing the event is known in Poland for staging outlandish fights. In previous years, the promoter was condemned by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation after holding a mixed-gender MMA fight that saw a female fighter get knocked out by her male opponent. The referee cut the fight short as the male fighter continued to deliver a series of blows as the crowd cheered.

IMMAF CEO Densign White said in a statement at the time, “'IMMAF categorically disagrees with this intentionally scandalous form of entertainment, which does not represent the sport of MMA or its values and puts women at risk. It is unacceptable that women and men should compete against each other in combat sports, essentially for reasons of safety but also fair play, and we in no way endorse this.”

Honestly, they should probably extend those standards to people’s moms fighting their teenage ex-girlfriends for them, which is really just embarrassing. Handle your breakup like a man and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s while watching The Notebook and sobbing like the rest of us.