Ice Spice nearly melted this past weekend, landing one tiny fart away from disaster after accidentally twerking too close to the pyrotechnic effects at a recent concert.  

The almost-tragedy went down on Sunday, when the “Deli” artist performed her hit “Princess Diana” for a crowd of fans at the Listen Out music festival in Sydney, Australia. As she walked to the front of the stage, bending over and twerking in one of her signature moves, she inadvertently landed too close to the concert’s pyrotechnic effects, almost getting singed by the tower of flames.

“Woah!” the 23-year-old said into the mic mere moments after her close call.

Despite her apparent moment of panic, Ice Spice appeared to take the incident in stride, joking about it in a later Instagram post documenting her time at the festival.

“Swipe to see pyro take me tf out,” she captioned several photos and a clip of the near disastrous incident.

Never trust a fart – especially if you’re throwing --- near giant plumes of fire.