Who’s the most terrifying character in Mad Men? Don Draper? Greg Harris? Some other man in a suit whose name you’ve forgotten by now? Consider: the cool, calm, and quietly intimidating Joan Holloway, played to perfection by Christina Hendricks. For some women, she’s the platonic ideal for women in the workplace, and one Twitter user has found the perfect dress to emulate her.

Twitter user Chiara found a form-fitting olive green midi dress at British brand House of CB and shared a screenshot of it to the platform, writing, “if i had an office job i’d wear this and be menacing.”

People were quick to draw comparisons to iconic fictional characters including Joan Holloway and Elizabeth Hurley’s Diana Payne from Gossip Girl. Others argued that the dress would get you into trouble with HR, with OP themselves agreeing that they would not actually be allowed to wear this dress in the workplace. A shame!

@megitchell Getting sent to HR immediately for wearing this #businesscasual #comedy #ootd ♬ original sound - meg bitchell

The dress is obviously having a moment, because it also featured in a recent viral TikTok of a user making fun of influencers who’ve never worked a 9-to-5 job before. Meg Bitchell, a comedian, wearing the dress in the video and looking fantastic while doing so, tells the audience, “This is a great business casual dress. If I worked in an office, I would wear this every day, because it’s business casual, because it’s long, and everyone knows ‘long’ is what business casual means.”

Considering Bitchell is herself a redhead, commenters were quick to again make Joan Holloway comparisons, while others complained about a teacher outfit trend from earlier in 2023 when users would show off outfits they’d wear if they were teachers and almost exclusively choose outfits that would not be allowed in schools.

Others yearned for a simpler time, aka the early 2010s, when business casual was the go-to for club wear. “This is what people were wearing to the club circa 2011,” one user wrote. It’s true — in addition to blazers, peplum tops and impractical heels, dresses like this one would not be out of place in an early 2010s club blasting Flo Rida and LMFAO.

While this dress would most likely not fly in most offices, one Twitter user may have stumbled upon one of the few professions where you could get away with wearing this dress at work: real estate.