Though FEMA’s upcoming broadcast test may be all about helping Americans stay safe in the event of a national emergency, it may do just the opposite for women hiding cell phones in dangerous living situations.

Redditor u/u/boopedydoop headed to r/WomenOver30 back in August with a stark warning for those using secret phones to help escape tough domestic situations: Hitting the “off” switch is the only way to prevent your device from ringing off the hook during the impending test.

“If you have a safety phone, turn it off!” they commenced the post, one they said originally appeared in r/witchesvspatriarchy but appears to have been removed.

“There is an upcoming emergency alert on October 4th at 2:20pm ET, and will make a noise regardless of silent mode or DND being on,” They advised, linking FEMA’s website. “If you have a phone that you need to keep secret, make sure your phone is off.”

While several followers hopped in the comments to reiterate the importance of this message — “grateful for this warning in general, but still quietly hoping it outs ALL THE CHEATERS,” joked u/xkisses — others broached another point, one arguing that the message may slip through as soon as the device is turned back on.

“I've heard the alert will sound when you turn it back on, so also be aware,” noted u/EtchingsOfTheNight.  

Though these specific mechanisms have yet to be determined, we can only hope that all the women in need see this important message and keep their safety phones as just that … and the cheaters glance right past it and get caught.