There is a new line in the sand – or should I say the operating room – and you have to pick a side. Do you stand with Dr. Han or Dr. Murphy?

If you haven’t been on TikTok or Twitter over the last few days, then you won’t know that those are two characters from The Good Doctor, a medical drama starring Freddie Highmore as the autistic Doctor Shaun Murphy, and Daniel Dae Kim as Dr. Han. If you have, then you’ll know that clips from the show are as inescapable as they are bad, and internet is currently obsessed with them.

The Good Doctor is known for its polarizing depiction of autism, an infamous scene where Murphy continuously misgenders a transgender patient, and being a generally mediocre medical drama. But now it is known for the memes stemming from its infamous 2019 season 2, “I am a surgeon” scene.

Many fans originally took Dr. Murphy’s side, as he is rightfully angry that his boss Dr. Han, used Murphy’s autism as justification for leaving him out of an operation. But now, thanks to Daniel Dae Kim’s stoic reaction, the internet is stanning hard for Dr. Han.

Fans and newcomers alike are reviving The Good Doctor via clips across TikTok and Twitter, and many people can’t help but fall in love with a television show that feels like it would fit right into the mid-2000s era of cable TV.

“This show is hilariously bad,” @TrnsShenanigans tweeted in response to the clip, “like the entire show is like this.”

Any experienced internet goer knows a good meme format when they see it, and this might be the most memed internet moment since the Pope’s fake white puffer coat. At one point, “The Good Doctor,” “I am a Surgeon,” “Dr. Han,” and “Daniel Dae Kim” were all trending on Twitter.

It’s been a while since we had a meme blow up so fast, and while the show is terrible, the memes are fantastic.