Twitch streamer and professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player bobby big ballz lived up to his name for all the wrong reasons during a recent stream, landing a ban from the platform after broadcasting himself drinking and driving.

“You know my car is pretty old but I ain't got no dents in this -----,” he said, appearing to take a swig from a large wine bottle, the camera balanced below the steering wheel.  “I’m feeling like Michael Jackson man, I’m feeling like the King of Pop.”

As news of his ban spread throughout the gaming community, bobby big ballz took to Twitter to not only defend himself but also prove his inexpertise on open container laws.

“Surely one singular sip of my 12% wine on my 3 minute drive home from 711 doesn't classify as drunk driving,” he wrote in reply to a since-deleted clip of the incident, clearly forgetting the main point of any Driver’s Ed class.

“As a streamer I'm wrong & will take responsibility for my actions & if the community wants to ban me I will humbly oblige,” he continued, elaborating the obvious, that he is “not a role model.”  “Drinking is a way I cope with life you're welcome to judge me. This is just my truth, not an excuse.”

Though it’s unclear whether bobby big ballz will face legal repercussions after appearing to commit a misdemeanor offense while on camera, we can only hope he doesn’t try this s–t in Mario Kart — Lakitu doesn’t f—k around.