The deepfake renaissance is here, with clips of the “WAP” cover artist Ben Shapiro discussing the hypotheticals of being a Barbie girl in a Barbie World and Drake’s theoretical corny ass podcast, deepfake shitposting has recently taken a hard turn for the Presidential

Over the past few weeks, the question of what if President Joe Biden was *all* malarkey has taken social media by storm, with Twitter users creating A.I. edits depicting the Commander-in-Chief tackling the tough issues — namely, the epidemic of dank ass weed.

“Where I come from, we don’t worry about these fruity-tuity California-style buds. Okay? I’m from Scranton. what I’m smoking is dirt,” A.I. Biden boasted in one video, one referencing an infamous Tumblr post from the 2020 election.

“So let's get that straight jack. Pure brick. Ass. Okay? America- Americans are wanting to smoke that dirt, okay,” he continued before proclaiming that “we like stems! We like seeds! Where I come from.”

This clip was far from an anomaly, with others hopping on social media with their own renditions of a stoner 46 chatting about his favorite strains, ones that “put the stigma back in astigmatism,” “made Terry Schiavo eat her vegetables,” and are “so loud that everyone in the Library of Congress has permanent tinnitus,” per a few viral clips.

“This shit made Jordan Peterson go catatonic for six months, had me blind firing at the lake thinking I was casting spells. Wizard shit. Biden shit,” the digitized POTUS explained in another video.

Biden/Harris 2024: Wizard shit. Biden shit.