Long before Pink started beef with the Gen Z gays, likened to a lesbian Harry Styles after photos of her androgynous Y2K style made the rounds on Twitter, the singer once taught a masterclass in queerbaiting, proclaiming  — and retracting — her gayness in a matter of nine seconds.

Back in 2010, Pink decided to make her acceptance speech for the Human Rights Campaign’s Ally for Equality Award into a teachable moment, siking out the entire audience into thinking she was a lesbian while attempting to make a point about normalizing sexuality.

“Hi, I’m Alecia, I’m a Virgo, I’m 31, I’m gay,” she kicked off her remarks, letting a full seven seconds elapse before clarifying that “actually I’m not,” adding that her sexuality “doesn’t actually matter.”

“My point is, I would like in the world the same boring response that I get from ‘hi, I’m a Virgo,’ I would like hi I’m gay to elicit the same kind of response,” she continued, singlehandedly proving she had never had the misfortune of working alongside noted Virgophobic, Jennifer Lopez.

So, Pink, congrats on very briefly coming out — leaving the closet is never easy, especially when it’s a revolving door … one that evidently keeps on turning.