Despite starring in Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven, actor Orlando Brown still couldn't predict the consequences of his actions, getting the boot from TAO Los Angeles after going off at a server.

While it remains unclear what prompted the former child star to lose it during his Sunday night dinner at the SoCal hotspot, whatever it was clearly that serious, the actor taking a strangely biblical approach to berating the staff member.

“Satan, you got to go Satan!” Brown appeared to yell at the employee, the actor’s phone stationed firmly in his face.

“Yeah, doing your job by making your f—ing customers feel uncomfortable!” he continued before denouncing the employee as a “child molester” and a “f—king demon”

Yet after continuing on with these bizarre attacks — “Get behind me Satan - I'm Jesus” the star yelled — he then turned his allusions back on himself.

'Everybody enjoy your night, I'm sorry for f—king up your s—‚” he concluded, ultimately introducing himself as “Satan and Lucifer's son.”

Though it remains unclear how the actor can be both Jesus and the spawn of Satan, one thing is apparent — he should get the hell (or heaven?) out of that restaurant.