In another classic case of an influencer from L.A. suffering from Main Character Syndrome, a woman has shared a video of her “taking a shower” in a nightclub bathroom, keeping the stall occupied as a line formed outside the door. Hardly the most heinous of crimes, but… really?

@heartlynrae Never again am i doing this. It was nasty in that bathroom lol #foryou ♬ original sound - heartlynrae

In the video, Alexis, one half of the duo Heartlyn Rae with her best friend Julia, can be seen washing some of her hair with a portable showerhead that she apparently brings everywhere, even to the club, which makes it even weirder than if she’d just washed her hair in the sink.

She then whips her hair back and forth in an effort to dry it before realizing there’s a hand dryer available and sticking her hair into that while shouting, “My mom would be so proud!” As she’s drying her hair, she yells at the people presumably lining up to use the bathroom to “Hold on a second!” while she “blow dries” her hair.

Feeling refreshed and with her hair tied back, Alexis heads back out onto the dance floor, which begs the question: Why not just tie your hair up to begin with and skip the hairwashing routine in the sink? (Because that wouldn’t make for good content, I guess.)

Commenters on the pair’s TikTok were entertained, although many wanted to know why she happened to have a portable showerhead with her. Commenters over on Reddit were far less forgiving, however, with the OP of the post writing, “This lady just doesn’t care about the line of people waiting for their turn, and once they got into it, it’s fucking sopping wet everywhere.”

Another commenter, who is probably smarter than the rest of us, suggested the entire thing was actually just an ad for the portable showerhead. A nice idea, except the lack of disclosure in the video or caption would mean Heartlyn Rae were in violation of FTC guidelines. Most likely, it’s a gag, like most of their content, but evidently influencers should know better than to joke about making people wait ages to use the bathroom.