Do you like turkey hunting? Are you a die-hard NUMTOT passionate about public transportation? Do you really – and I mean *really* – like fucking dudes in the ass?

If so, you’re not just the lone figure at the center of an extremely-specific, horny Venn diagram – you’re also very much in luck.

Enter Illinois’ “Bussy” turkey hunting license plate.

Earlier this week, Twitter user @inaoifeble, a self-described “great lakes secessionist,” took the platform to share a groundbreaking discovery: You too can boast your Bussy pride with one of the Prarie State’s Sporting Series license plates.

“Boy do I have a license plate for anyone who is both a transit enthusiast and also a fan of turkey hunting,” they wrote alongside a snap of the vanity plate in question, one featuring a turkey standing next to the word “BUS,” the plate’s standard “SY” text helping this seemingly innocuous submission reach its horny potential.

Though it’s unclear what, exactly, this existing “SY” denotes – every plate within the Sporting Series contains a similar code starting with the letter “S” – this mystery didn’t deter the vanity plate’s growing list of coveters.

“Imagine pulling up to the function with the BUSsy license plate,” wrote @mamacoco45.

“Lmao @inaoifeble can I say that I live at your address so I can get this on my car?” asked @Popplars.

Now before you all flock like a herd of soon-to-be-shot turkeys to the Illinois Secretary of State’s website in a mad dash to nab this one-of-a-kind vanity plate, we are thrilled to announce that there is more than enough Bussy to go around.

While “Bussy” and “Bussy 1” are taken on the state’s passenger license plates, several similar iterations like “Bussyy,”  “Bussyy” and our favorite, “Bussy 8” (yum!) are all still free for the taking.

You’re welcome.