After years of residing in their mothers’ basements, incels have returned to the surface (or, well, Twitter) with a new gripe about not being able to get laid – declaring war on women who commit the dastardly deed of  – checks notes – wearing makeup.

The battle of man versus makeup began earlier this week, after notorious troll and notable blob-fish lookalike, Ian Miles Cheong, took to Twitter with a scathing post somehow blaming feminism for the fact that he doesn’t want to fuck the protagonist of Microsoft’s upcoming Fable.

“This is the main character of the new Fable game from Microsoft,” he captioned a screengrab from the game’s latest trailer, which recently premiered at Xbox Games Showcase 2023. “Continuing the trend of weirdly unattractive female main characters in video games, because beauty is objectifying. This is what happens when you consult with woke intersectional feminists.”

Garnering a handful of “right on-s” from fellow basement-dwellers, Twitter didn’t take too kindly to Cheong’s incel-coded nonsense, namely Twitch streamer Saira who fired back with a roast targeting the right-wing poster’s appearance.

“Bro you look like this, worry about yourself,” she commented on his post, adding a close image of Cheong’s Twitter profile picture.

Despite Saira’s stereotypical good looks, @LioUrKing, one of Cheong’s supporters simped for his case,  throwing it back to her, demanding she upload a photo of herself without makeup.

Despite his prediction that seeing her bare-faced “might” evoke “a good laugh,” Saira rose to the occasion, sharing a sweet makeup-free selfie.

“I’m sorry buddy but try again,” she wrote alongside the requested snap.

Though Saira looked perfectly fine in her photo, Cheong (who was caught liking one of her selfies), @LioUrKing, and a handful of others – all of whom have clearly never seen a woman without makeup before – said wearing makeup should be “illegal.”

“This should be illegal (This is the same person),” @LionsSpectre two photos depicting the streamer with and without makeup.

Evidently taken aback by the absurdity of this claim, @LionsSpectre’s post quickly became a meme template with several Twitter users using his format to share some of their favorite selfies, shitposts, and before and after shots (that should be illegal).

“This should be illegal. (Same road btw),” wrote @firagawalkwthm with photos depicting a painted-on road from Looney Tunes.

“This should be illegal (This is the same empire),” added @UpdatingOnRome with a before and after of the Roman empire.

But it wasn't just thirst traps and memes, the brother of down-bad icon Andrew Tate, Tristan Tate, threw his hat in the ring in support of women wearing makeup, saying, “I don’t believe she is ugly….. I’m telling you that this generation of internet porn addicts have to understand that makeup enhances beauty.”

Moral of the story? If you’re such a woman hater that you’ve lost the Tate family, you’re internet privileges should be revoked, permanently.