Though model Poonam Pandey may have intended to raise awareness surrounding cervical cancer, on social media, she wound up inadvertently raising awareness of the ails of faking one’s death, landing at the center of an internet firestorm after pretending to have passed from the deadly condition.

On February 1, Pandey’s team shared a harrowing update with the actress’ roughly 1.5 million Instagram followers, falsely stating that the actress had died after a bout with cervical cancer, the second most common cancer among women living in India, per BBC News.

“Deeply saddened to inform you that we have lost our beloved Poonam to cervical cancer,” read the now-viral post. “Every living form that ever came in contact with her was met with pure love and kindness.”

The only problem with this heartfelt statement? Pandey was neither sick nor dead, a reality she explained in a video posted a day after her faux death announcement.

‘“I’m alive. I didn’t die because of cervical cancer,” she told the camera. “Unfortunately, I cannot say that about those hundreds and thousands of women who have lost their lives because of cervical cancer.”

But even with this clarification  —and her call for women to “get your tests done” and receive an HPV jab – several fans were still seething at the stunt.  

“You need serious learning. Not acceptable,” commented @susanhobkirk.

“One day a lion will come and eat you and there will be no one to save you and no one to trust you,” wrote @btwpriyaaaa while @tinadatta denounced the incident as “s—tty” and “crass”

“People have lost their loved ones cause of cancer, I myself have.. and here you’re.. making a mockery,” she added before imploring the model to “get a life” and “hire a better agency.”

So take it from Pandey — and her predecessor, Lil Tay — when in doubt, avoid faking your death.