Matt Ahmann of Indiana University was upset when he walked into a BDSM display while on his college campus

College is about learning and part of that learning, for those fortunate enough to partake in it, is learning about sex. But for many college kids sex is still something they are uncomfortable with. Which is why Indiana University Bloomington, had held an annual Sex Fest for the past five years which allows students to learn and participate in safe and informative sex seminars. 

But leave it to the kids of today to throw away the advice of their elders and run to Twitter when they feel the slightest bit of offense. Which is exactly what Matt Ahmann, a student 'Congressman' did when we walked in on a woman being spanked with a paddle while tied to a wooden X. 

There are few things students learn in college that are more important than what healthy sexual relationships are. We can only assume Matt was so upset because he isn't getting any himself, which if true we offer him our condolences, but were more so shocked by just what kind of college aged male see this and goes on a Twitter rant tattling on his school. 

Indiana university  sex fest

But really, really what kind of f******* narc complains about something as cool as a 'Sex Fest'?

According to the DailyMail, the event was held "in an open room of a dorm hall" and was part of the fifth annual Sex fest event on campus. The event says they promotes healthy and safe sex practices including and not limited to BDSM and kink workshops. But Matt 'totally f**ks' Ahmann perceived the light slapping this woman signed up for as "promoting sexual violence".

sex fest college

Sexual violence is exactly what you'd expect someone like this to say when seeing consensual sex play. The poster for the event looks real violent too. And yes, we acknowledge that certain people shouldn't be exposed to thing that would make them uncomfortable, just like these people shouldn't be chastised for their kinks, we get that, but come one it's pretty pathetic to say the least. 

sex fest indiana university

 Though sadly, kids today have trouble just walking away when things make them feel confused. Instead of thinking, "well that's none of my business" these snot nosed blue balled children take their crying outrage to the Internet and complain and tag every Twitter handle they know. Utterly pathetic behavior from a someone who should be trying to hump everything that moves before he gets his degree.