ndigenous Woman Claims The Amazon Rainforest Is Being Set On Fire - smoke map showing south America covered in smoke

What the hell is going on with the Amazon Rainforest? Well, it's on fire, that we know, but how it started is something we don't. The Amazon accounts for some 20% of all the world's oxygen, so to say this is a major disaster would be a wild understatement. 

So as we said, we are unsure of how the fires started, but today a video posted on Twitter, shows an indigenous tribes woman crying an pointing at a fire in the background, seemingly saying that it was set on purpose, to clear land for ranching and foreign business. These claims are extremely serious and though we cannot confirm nor deny them, we thought you should see the video for yourself. 

Translation: "For 2 years we’ve fought to preserve [our reservation] & these assholes came in & burned it down. They are killing our rivers, our sources of life, & now they have set our reserve on fire. Tomorrow we are closing the roads & I want all the media here to see this."