On today’s installment of women being persecuted for merely having hobbies, influencer Karina Laino Gomes – better known as @karinalaiino to her 63,000 Tiktok followers – was reportedly taken into police custody last week after allegedly committing a string of robberies with her boyfriend, Edmilson Souza da Silva.

Prior to her detainment on Wednesday, June 7, Gomes was implicated in a series of robberies targeting people as they headed towards ATMs, the model reportedly serving as a decoy tasked with getting “the victims to let their guard down before another member of the crew robbed them at gunpoint,” according to the New York Post.

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Beyond landing behind bars and a whole host of weirdly horny headlines centering around her “busty” physique, a silver lining emerged for the influencer, an entire host of down-bad supporters.

“She can rob me,” joked @keybladevolo.

“Free her she did nothing wrong,”

If there’s one thing to learn from Gomes’ legal woes it's that we should all support women’s rights … and women’s wrongs.