Influencer Katie Sigmond is facing charges after posting a video of herself hitting a golf ball into the Grand Canyon to her combined 10 million TikTok and Instagram followers. Her golf cub broke upon striking the ground, sending the shaft flying into the canyon as well. The 19-year-old could theoretically face up to three months in prison for violating national park regulations.

Needless to say, falling objects from the top of the canyon can pose extreme risks to hikers and animals below, and there are very strict rules prohibiting the throwing of objects off the side. Even the smallest objects are dangerous, and snowball effect avalanches are a risk as well. 

Grand canyon facebook - golf ball influencer

Katie sigmond - golf ball grand canyon

Sigmond has been known to try silly stunts, and a video in which she was kicked out of a bowling alley for using a pumpkin made the rounds a few weeks ago. Of course this particular action carries with it much bigger potential consequences than the inconvenience of bowling alley staff. Hopefully the legal fall out coming her way can help her and other influencer more carefully consider the consequences of their actions beyond just follower count.