Everyone shows affection differently, and sometimes, the way one couple shows affection to each other can look unusual to anyone on the outside. That appears to be the case for one TikToker and her and her partner’s “love surges,” a video of which has gone viral.

Lilianna Wilde posted it explaining that a “love surge” is when her or her partner have so much love in their limbs that they cannot contain it and feel as though they’re going to explode. When they feel this way, one partner will wrap their arms around the other and “shake with the electricity of love” until the other partner catches it too and starts shaking, and then they explode with a love surge.

Wilde admits right off the bat that this is cringe, although many kind souls were quick to argue that it was sweet, if a little unique. Many more people were quick to turn incredibly nasty, however, sending Wilde messages wishing for her and her partner to break up, wishing that she would get cheated on or assaulted or abused, all because she posted a slightly cringeworthy video online.

Wilde posted a follow-up video of herself in tears after reading some of these messages, and said, “If the goal was to make me sad, you did it, you won.” She continued, “I think a lot of times people type something online and they don’t see the result of it… this is the result.”

It would be great if this incident could prompt some self-reflection: Is being cringe or overly earnest really such a heinous crime that it warrants sending the person abuse? There’s something to be said for simply scrolling past when something online doesn’t appeal to you. Send it to the group chat and keep it moving.