Some people seem to exist solely to piss off the internet. One of those people is a self-described model named Winta Zesu, a woman with whom you may be familiar if you’ve spent a lot of time being mad online.

For example, you might recognize Zesu from that time she said she held up traffic to get a photo and video of her… standing in the streets of New York… which is the city where she lives…

You might also recognize her from capturing headlines because she claimed to ditch a date after the man asked her to hold his drink. And if you’re thinking — hey, isn’t that the girl who got kicked out of restaurants for being obnoxious? Yes, yes it is!

But as with all things on the internet, it’s not clear what’s real and what’s fake. For example, Zesu has said her restaurant videos are staged. In her traffic-stopping video, the horns sound like they’ve been added in post-production. Even something like her date video would be easy to fake — after all, who’s going to try to verify that you were a dick to your date?

All this is to say, take all of the actions of Winta Zesu with a grain of salt — but this is supremely obnoxious.

For the “aesthetics”
byu/GabbyIntersection inImTheMainCharacter

In this video, she claims to be holding up her Uber driver because she wants her exit to appear “aesthetic.” There is, needless to say, nothing aesthetic about this video — or the actual video that appears to have resulted from her effort.

Wow. Incredible. You left an apartment building. Five gold stars.

Again, is it real? Who’s to say? Insider claims that Zesu started her videos because “she is hoping to get into acting, and this was a fun way to practice her improv skills” — but is this really improv? This is just getting people mad online — and boy, oh boy, are they mad online.

“All this aesthetic waiting and she walks out like she is recovering from hemorrhoid surgery,” reads one Reddit comment. “Honestly thought ‘brain damage’ because mental illness is more subtle than that,” added another. “If I saw this IRL and had nothing better to do, I’d just stand at the door so she couldn’t let herself leave,” stated a third.

One thing is for sure: I would pay good money to see her Uber reviews.