In the most recent installment of “Bizarre DIY Beauty Treatments with Little Basis in Scientific Fact,” some influencers are claiming that ingesting bee pollen can help increase breast growth, giving a whole new meaning to “bee stings.”

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One influencer, Camila Elle, posted a video last month explaining that she’s been putting a spoonful of bee pollen on her breakfast each morning since September 2022, initially because she had heard that it boosts your immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory. But a fun bonus side effect that she discovered is that her breasts have grown along the way — allegedly, from a 32A to a B cup.

@camilaelle Replying to @Sammy Dy before and after of taking bee pollen consistently for 10 months - just my personal experience - not sponsored by an ingredient ❤️ - please read my last videos caption about dosing. It is SO IMPORTANT to test for allergic reaction. If it is your very first time of taking bee pollen, take 1-2 granules your first day - if no allergic reaction you can SLIGHTLY increase to a couple of granules. Increase dosage slowly. - i’m not stating this as a scientific fact, just as my personal experience. - bee pollen has so many health benefits, and a yummy topping on foods! it helps to strengthen immune system, more energy, antioxidant etc. #beepollen #fyp ♬ original sound - Camila Elle

Commenters had questions — namely, what is the science behind this, if there is any, as well as whether Elle was also on any form of birth control during that time or gained weight, both of which would also explain the increase in her bust size.

@elly_bear Please take this as an opinion I see a difference dont do anything you dont want to do this is just for fun and my own experiment!!! #beepollen #beepollengirl #beepollenbenefits #fyp #fakebody ♬ original sound - Elly Bear

Another TikToker has been documenting her supposed breast growth since starting to take bee pollen in early July, and in late July, she stopped taking the bee pollen to see if her breasts would shrink as a result. In a video posted on July 23rd, she claims that after three days, they did appear to be smaller.


Hey is that bee pollen you’ve got there or anecdotal data?

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With all of this anecdotal evidence, it’s time for some actual science: In a recent video, Dr. Karan Raj explained that bee pollen is supposedly rich in phytoestrogens, plant chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body. Breast tissue is one of the tissues in the body most sensitive to changes in hormone levels, so it can fluctuate in size as a result of various factors, as anyone with breasts has undoubtedly observed on their own.

“Changes to fat distribution or deposition or even an increase in muscle mass in the pectoral region may lead to a perceived increase in breast size. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that bee pollen can increase the size of the biological airbags,” Dr. Raj concluded. “Outside of birth control medication, hormone therapy or medication side effects, there is no magic pill or therapy that can enhance the size of the breast.”

For Elle and her true believers, that’s gotta be rather deflating.