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If you're asking yourself, "Is Instagram Down?" The answer is yes. It's down. Like down, down. Well, for a lot of people it's down. 

UPDATE (4:00 pm PST): It's back up. 

According to the website, which catalogs outtage issues for various websites and apps, there were over 100,000 reports of people not being able to reach the service in the last hour. 

Instagrammers flocking to Twitter to see if Instagram is down for anyone else have started the hashtag #InstagramDown where they're freaking out that the massive app that boasts 1 billion active monthly users isn't working. As of the moment of writing this (3:47 pm PST), it is the #1 trending topic nationwide in the United States. 

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While most people went about their days and waited for the app to come back up, some Instagram stans took to Twitter to absolutely lose their minds. 

So yeah, Instagram is down. But what's new?