Meet Yumi Nu. She's the gorgeous, ravishing - and yes - BEAUTIFUL Asian American woman pictured above. Not to be confused with the grotesque, Canadian psychologist, Jordan B. Peterson pictured beside her.

Yumi Nu just became the first Asian American curve model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue. And pardon my French, but holy f**k she's stunning. I want nothing more than to swan dive right into those thighs.

However, some people on this planet think that they have a right to say whatever the f**k they want, without repercussion. 

Enter Jordan B. Peterson, and the most asinine tweet we may ever see.

Shut. The. Hell. Up. 

First of all, nobody asked you, dude. At all. And as a clinical psychologist and educator, this guy has to see how damaging his words can be. Secondly, why does he deem it necessary to comment on someone's physical appearance when he's definitely not anything to phone home about.

 Maybe let's not throw stones in glass houses.

The internet quickly came out to support Yumi, and absolutely blasted Peterson.

It's even more striking for a man (if you can call him that) of Jordan's stature, with the amount of followers that he has just to throw caution to the wind. This person taught at Harvard as well as the University of Toronto, molding young minds. The fact that he thinks this trash opinion is okay to flaunt, is just so messed up.

Yumi Nu is not only a beautiful Asian American woman, but she is breaking barriers in her own profession. You can find the entire SI Swimsuit Issue here.

Meanwhile, Jordan B. Peterson announced that he'll be taking a break from Twitter. Which is definitely for the best. He has yet to take down the atrocious tweet, and at this point, it would only prove his cowardice. But in case he does happen to remove it, we've come with receipts.

We love you Yumi Nu, keep up the amazing work!