Ah, cryptocurrency. While it’s got some benefits, the crypto community as it exists today is full of scams and shitcoins — meaning that if you invest in a new crypto project, it’s got over a 90 percent chance of failing. To put it in simpler terms, every new crypto deposit is like playing roulette, except that casinos are regulated and don’t have names like ElonSperm.

Sometimes, the failure of a crypto project is not down to the creator of an individual project — I mean, who could have predicted the collapse of the NFT market besides every single person who looked at it? Other times, however, the creator is wholly responsible. Such is the case with a livestreamer named Paul Denino, aka Ice Poseidon.

At one point, Denino launched a crypto currency (it was trendy at the time). He then took all of the money he could out of it and refused to pay it back, later calling those who chose to invest in his coin “idiots.” He eventually said he’d pay back a portion of the investment, but he hasn’t yet fulfilled that pledge.

Investor gets his revenge from a cryptocurrency scammer
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Unbelievably, stealing half a million dollars from random people on the internet has left some of them pretty upset, as a recent video shows. In it, Denino can be seen leaving a building. Suddenly, someone pulls up on an electric scooter. “Sorry, brother,” the man says as he slams into Denino. After hitting him, he says, “Fucking scamming cunt!”

Denino eventually reported the incident to the police.

Users on Reddit expressed little sympathy for Denino. “Imagine scamming people and then broadcasting your live location for a living lol,” observed one. “I know I shouldn’t cheer on assault, but it’s pretty fun when it happens to Ice_poseidon,” added another.

In short, don’t run crypto scams — but if you do, it’s probably best to stay behind the computer and your location as hidden as humanly possible.