Despite the passion-breaking forces of bad CGI, terrible superhero franchises, and the refusal to think of one iota of original IP (looking at you, Disney) it seems we can still have a scrap of horny, Hollywood drama as a treat in these trying times.

Over the past several days, Euphoria lead Sydney Sweeney and Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell, made headlines – and sparked potential rumors of a forbidden romance –  after several images of the pair flaunting their, erm, “incredible chemistry,” as Daily Mail put it, while respectively boasting significant others, set the internet ablaze.

“Just found out about the Sydney Sweeney/Glen Powell cheating rumors – girl after those first photos I would have started pulling my hair what is this,” wrote @starkcanarie alongside a series of snaps depicting the pair getting cozy.

But it’s not just fans who have noticed sparks flying between the acting pair, who appeared in several photos embracing, laughing and hugging and generally getting cozy while on set.

Powell’s long-term girlfriend, Gigi Paris, unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram (the greatest snub of all) as an unnamed insider allegedly close to the White Lotus star took to the tabloids to clarify the actress is still happily engaged to her long-term flame, Jonathan Davino.

Yet, unlike most suspected cheating scandals sparking widespread debates about monogamy and the concept of homewrecking, the fine people of social media took a drastic approach to Sweeney and Powell’s chemistry – rejoicing at the apparent return of old-school Hollywood set entanglements.  

“Imagine being Glen Powell’s gf and seeing that he cheated on you w Sydney Sweeney and everyone’s reaction is ‘real Hollywood is back! that’s showbiz baby!’” wrote @uhhmmily

“Either this is an expertly choreographed PR saga or Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney are the messiest duo in Hollywood rn,” quipped @pizzadrienne alongside several of the internet-igniting images.

“I’m expecting Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney to show up like this for that red carpet,” @stylesmescal wrote alongside the viral, sensual clip of the actors’ recent horny rom-com predecessors, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac, at the Venice Film Festival last summer.  

We’re so back – and by we, I mean horny actors. Cheating – it’s okay when it reaches Elizabeth Taylorian proportions.