Say hello to House Bill 1592. It's also known as the Human Trafficking Prevention or “Cock Block” Act and it's being proposed in Virginia’s General Assembly. 13 News Now explains the bill would "lock all pornographic sites from your phones and computers, and the only way to unlock them is to pay the state $20." The fun and breezy read is below.

House Bill No. 1592 by WSET on Scribd

In a total rebuttal of the transitive property, the Virginia lawmakers believe “that by making pornography less accessible on the internet, it will reduce the amount of human trafficking.” Most agree that there is a link between sex trafficking and porn, but limiting access to the most mainstream of porn sites is a step too far. First amendment be damned! Virginia says "Things that offend us cost money now."

Some also fear this is the start of some serious 1989 (or 4, if you're a nerd) B.S.

Anyway, if sex trafficking were caused directly by porn would having a one time $20 fee stop anything? Any guy with dick in hand will grudgingly pay that once and be done with it. A WRIC report sheds light on the people who think this is a good idea.

Supporters say that users who never access obscene content will not notice a difference.

All 12 Virginians who don’t use the internet for porn have nothing to fear! The other 6,776,004 of them should prepare to shell out 20 bones to see any bones. Even the lawmakers admit this is more about the money. “It’s like a sin tax, getting cigarettes or alcohol or anything else.”

In actuality, the money raised will go to prosecuting sex traffickers and helping victims.  While he point of the bill seems to be to shame porn watchers, perhaps giving to victims will actually take a little bit of the guilt out of masturbation for those who enjoy it. Jerking it in Virginia just got more fun.