An accidental death is, without a doubt, a tragedy. But sometimes, the internet sees an unexpected death and just can’t help itself.

Take, for example, a recent case from the Lombardy region of Italy. According to the BBC, “An Italian man has been crushed to death under thousands of wheels of a Parmesan-style cheese. Giacomo Chiapparini, 74, was buried when a shelf broke in his warehouse. The collapse created a domino effect bringing down thousands of wheels, which weigh about 40 kilograms (84 pounds) each.”

Again, this story is deeply sad. You’re living the Italian dream, hanging out and making cheese wheels with your boys when one day, your life’s passion crushes you completely. However, given that this is possibly one of the most Italian things to ever happen, internet users were quick to make jokes at Chiapparini’s expense.

Naturally, puns abounded.

As summarized by Twitter user Chris Kopcow (@opennoise), Chiapparini inadvertently fell victim to one of the many rules of the internet: Don’t die in a funny way.