Earlier this week, a fishing village in southern Italy learned that mermaids can have both huge tits and dump truck asses, a lesson imparted by the region’s latest attraction – a mermaid statue that looks as if it was drawn by a very horny fan fiction artist.

The brain-child behind the statue studied at Monopoli’s Luigi Rosso art school, and their instructor Adolfo Marciano has spoken out against criticism that the statue in all its anime-girl glory (well, minus the anime part) is “too provocative.”

“The students got together and came up with the idea of a mermaid,” he explained, noting that the mermaid’s, figure was intended to serve “as a representation of reality, in this case of the female body.”

 “The council was shown the scale model and said it was good, and then decided the completed sculpture would be placed in the square,” he elaborated.

Despite the body-positive claims behind its design, several Puglia residents weren’t entirely sold on the concept, including Italian actress Tiziana Schiavarelli.

“It looks like a mermaid with two silicone breasts and, above all, a huge arse never seen before on a mermaid. At least not any I know,” she explained in a Facebook post about the statue, recalling a conversation with a local, per The Guardian

Beyond the confines of Italian Facebook, the mermaid began making the rounds on Twitter where one question echoed throughout the platform – “Huh?”

Okay how does she have an ass crack given she’s just a standard if extremely well-endowed mermaid in the front,” asked Twitter user @BrandyLJensen alongside several screengrabs of the statue from The Guardian article. “Like anatomically how would that work?”

“This person is asking the only relevant question. Do fish have asses,” mused @bohn2point0.

“The artist didn't have to give her an enormous juicy dumper, but they did it. They did it for us,” quipped Twitter user @cryptidocto, while others speculated on the artist and their clearly horny inspiration.

But hey, this isn’t the first time Italy has unveiled a statue with an immaculate ass and you can bet it won’t be the last time either.