If you’ve ever worked in a food service job, you’re probably familiar with just how chaotic these roles can be.

Sure, on some days, you’re just refilling drinks and moving items from the line to the customer, but on other days, you’re running around the store, frantically cleaning up trays and taking visitor requests while answering absurd questions like, “Is there a way to make the double bacon cheeseburger vegan?”

Despite fast-food restaurants existing for basically a century, it seems that no fast-food restaurant is immune to this mayhem. And if you’ve never experienced it yourself, now you can, thanks to one weird dude sitting outside a Chick-fil-A who’s tapped into their walkie-talkie system.


I can’t believe how many people ordered 30 count nuggets while we waited

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In this video posted by @mister_twister_55, the TikToker sits outside of a Chick-fil-A and appears to record the goings-on of the restaurant’s aforementioned walkie-talkie system. For how hectic it is, the workers remain fairly calm — even as people place order after order of 30-count nuggets.

Commenters were surprised at how relaxed everyone seemed on the walkies, given that their experience in the industry typically involved a lot more cursing and screaming. “I’m so impressed by everyone’s professionalism,” wrote a user. “I love that there is no customer bashing. It’s strictly business. Ask, answer, next. Love CFA!” exclaimed another.

And hey, if you want to do this yourself, the TikToker is using a Motorola APX 8000 All-Band Portable Radio, and here are a few resources to find the right signal. Just don’t place any 30-count nugget orders unless you plan on eating them.