Movies and TV don’t capture the American high school experience exactly, yet, one British teen spent the day at an American high school and was amazed that football games (the other football) and cheerleaders do actually exist.

“It's all real” @elnaby exclaims while in attendance at a high school football game. The marching band is play while the cheerleaders start their chant to an average crowd. Like a true American, there's is even one guy in his pajama pants. He remarks that he snuck in but many commenters pointed out that football games are open to the public.

@elnaby as a british person i thought this was only in movies #elnaby #america #british #britinamerica ♬ original sound - Elnaby On Youtube

“As a British person I thought this was only in movies” reads his caption. While the football games do exist, the athletes are regular 14 to 17-year-olds, everyone is awkward and it’s probably the only thing going on in town. 

Many commenters urge him to see Texas football games because obviously, everything is bigger in Texas.

“Imagine his reaction to a pep rally” reads on TikTok comment.

“Do you guys not have school spirit?!” asks another commenter.

While British people are accustomed to attending football games (matches) and they do have their own fight songs the idea of “pep” is not a uniquely British trait.