One security guard recently learned that police brutality can serve as one very unsavory — and very effective — cheat code for IRL loot drops after body slamming a woman in front of a popular San Antonio nightclub.

While attempting to break up a fight between several patrons at Privat Social Club located in the North side of the Texan city last April, the guard decided to take an aggressive approach to breaking up one side scuffle, picking up a woman and throwing onto the ground on what appeared to be a parking lot.

As the woman, who reportedly pepper sprayed another patron earlier in the evening, pummeled to the ground, several bills went flying from her grip, raining down on the pavement below like in a Looney Tunes-a** video game gag.

It’s unclear what exactly sparked the brawl or what happened to the guard— the woman was asked to leave after authorities arrived — this is no new phenomenon for Privat Social Club. Cops have been dispatched to the club more than 50 times since November 2022, local news outlet KENS 5 reported at the time of the incident.

So take it from this a-hole guard — maybe leave the body slamming and robbing for your next GTA sesh.