One festive Ohioan decided that the only thing her local Oktoberfest celebration needed more than a giant inflatable bottle of Jägermeister was her fully charged cell phone, allegedly unplugging a massive display for the German liquor brand in pursuit of a higher battery percentage.

“I literally just watched her plug her phone in!” exclaimed one bystander as the massive inflatable green bottle began toppling over, a man who appeared to be a worker attempting to prop it up as it slowly slouched to the ground.

Girl unplugs Jagermeister display at Cincinnati Oktoberfest to charge phone
byu/kohmesma inImTheMainCharacter

Unfortunately, his heroic efforts to keep the display afloat were largely unsuccessful, the plastic-y bottle toppling over onto several beer-toting passersby walking through the Cincinnati event.

“No, it’s coming down!” the first woman continued, another observer letting out a theatrical “No!”

Though it appeared the display was reinflated to its pre-charging heights, we can only hope the woman got a few more percentage points on her battery … or not. Sometimes it’s better not to have access to your ex’s phone number if you’re around that much Jäger.