Jackie Chan and his daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam don't speak to each other. It's no surprise seeing as how the famous actor was having an affair (while married to his wife) with Etta's mother when she was born.

The not-so-private affair with beauty pageant winner Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, led to some obvious animosity especially since Jackie Chan stayed married to his wife Joan Lin. Though the marriage hit a rough spot during the time of the affair, Lin and Chan have been married since 1982.

According to People Magazine in a 2018 article, Etta and her partner Andi Autumn stated that they were homeless and living under a bridge.

The reason?

Her parents' homophobia. 


The couple also called out the Hong Kong media for not agreeing with their romantic relationship, an issue which is still plaguing Chinese culture. Andi stated, “I’ve grown up in a world of negativity and close-mindedness but I am at that point where I realize that I can use my experience to tell my truths and help others just like me.”

And where is Jackie Chan in all of this? Silent. The actor's net worth as of this April was $520 million. Yet his daughter is homeless, living on the streets.

Father of the year.

Etta says that she does not consider Chan a father figure. "I would not say that he is my dad. I would say, ‘Oh, Jackie Chan, an actor.'" 

So next time you want to put an actor/celebrity up on a pedestal, just remember that Jackie Chan cheated on his wife, had a baby with his mistress, disowned that child because she came out as a lesbian, and now refuses to help her and her partner get off the streets. 

"But hey Rush Hour is hilarious!"