James Cameron was recently seen exiting the Writers Guild of America West building in Los Angeles, where a group of fans had gathered hoping to get the director's autograph. And much to the chagrin of fans, the Avatar director made a B-line for his vehicle, ignoring anyone and everyone along the way.

Cameron is a polarizing celeb in his own right. Movie-goers seemingly love or hate the director who has been promoting his long-awaited sequel to 2009's Avatar.

@uncrazed The ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ director gave fans the middle finger as he exited the Writers Guild of America in Los Angeles. #jamescameron #avatar #uncrazed ? original sound - unCrazed

Some commenters believe that if these folks were true fans of the director, they wouldn't boo him over an autograph, but this is the type of bullshit that I would come to expect of the guy who waited 13 years to put out a direct sequel. The same dude who went $100 million over budget filming Titanic.

As we see in the video, Cameron wasn't taking too kindly to being booed and felt the need to respond. He flips the bird from the safety of his chauffeured car. Seems like his ego is so black and blue that it could be featured in Avatar 7. Be Better, James Cameron.