After surviving approximately one million Halloween sequels and a decade-ish’s worth of Activia commercials, Best Supporting Actress winner Jamie Lee Curtis wasn’t only the fartiest, but also the pissiest victor to emerge from last night’s Oscars — just ask Sigourney Weaver.

Curtis, who nabbed the prize for her portrayal of IRS inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre in Everything Everywhere All at Once, took a break from stumping for Coldplay matinees and her 45-year-long feud with Michael Myers to inadvertently recreate the 2010 meme of her pointing in a friend’s face during a tense lunch date.

While it seems only God, the walls of the Dolby Theater and possibly the Oscars’ post-slap “crisis team” may know what exactly went down during Curtis and Weaver’s conversation, their discussion “didn’t appear to be an argument,” per the celebrity gossip overlords at Entertainment Tonight.

Though the two legends were (probably not) beefing, the same cannot be said of Curtis and her mystery pal 13 years ago. Back in March 2010, the Freaky Friday alum made headlines after engaging in a visibly heated conversation while enjoying (or tolerating) an afternoon in Venice, California. After serving as a Daily Mail headline, the images lived in meme-d infamy, becoming the reaction images of choice by peeved gamers, Steven Universe fans and even Curtis herself, who recreated the meme back in 2019.

So here’s to Weaver — if she can survive a decade and change working with James Cameron and his ego, she can sure as hell power through Curtis’ indigestion-fueled annoyance.