Though moviegoers may have laughed at the onslaught of “Barbenheimer” memes ahead of Barbie and Oppenheimer’s respective late July releases, Japanese-speaking Twitter users were far from amused, frustrated that the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II had devolved into punchlines.

“Young people in America have no historical awareness and are rude to other people's feelings,” @PodKatz replied in Japanese to Warner Bros. Japan’s official apology for positively responding to fan-made Barbenheimer memes. “I would like to send my love to the people of Japan and express my resolute anti-war. The suffering experienced by Japan must never be repeated anywhere in the world.”

Yet these valiant attempts at making a very reasonable point about treating two incidents that killed thousands of people with somber respect quickly backfired when some decided to fight shitposts with shitposts, an initiative that unintentionally spawned some dankest 9/11 memes known to man.

“What do you think of this image?” angry Barbie fan @Dorothy35091534 captioned a meme depicting one of the twin towers exploding alongside the flick’s sparkly pink poster, one of the several shitposts juxtaposing Barbie and 9/11. “What you are doing is the same as this. Shame on you.”

This image, as well as a few others, including one depicting Barbie in her natural habitat, sitting atop Osama bin Laden’s shoulders, quickly went viral on American Twitter as several Yankees pointed out just how much we love making fun of 9/11 here in the States.

“Japanese Twitter is trying to do Oppenheimer-style memes to America without realizing their insatiable perverse hunger for 9/11 jokes,” observed @theserfstv, likening their effort to “firing hamburgers at the Hamburgler [sic].”

“I think Americans make fun of it more than anyone else tbh,” noted @NicholasPas5.

Take it from these guys: The only thing more patriotic than seeing a movie about a plastic doll and the nuclear bomb is laughing at 9/11. Sorry, Japan!