Screenshot from 28 days later - Jared Leto learns about Coronavirus

Jared Leto has been in isolation for the last 12-days, so to say he was ahead of the social distancing curve would be correct, but for different reasons. 

Mr. Leto, (the bad joker) was somewhere in an isolated desert, without phones, Internet access, and even voices, as he partook in a 12-day silent meditation. And when he came out of it, approximately 11 hours ago, he learned that the majority of the world's population was in self-isolation. 

Now if that's not the most 28 Days Later sh*t we've ever heard we don't know what is. I mean, really, 12-days ago Jared Leto hadn't heard of the Coronavirus? 

Jared Leto posts about how he just learned about the Coronavirus after a 12-day meditation

Jared Leto  Instagram post about coming out of a silent meditation