Surf’s up in Ventura, California.

On Thursday, a series of extreme waves flooded the unlucky seaside town in Southern California, leaving eight hospitalized, cars left awash and several beachgoers left running to safety, a terrifying ordeal captured in several now-viral videos.

“Woah,” one beachgoer, who clearly ignored evacuation orders, can be heard saying as the waves reached what appeared to be an overlook before toppling over the railing and into the street.

“Oh s—t!” they began yelling as they ran through the streets, the massive stream of water following behind them. “Oh s—t!”

But it isn’t just Ventura that is facing these terrifying currents. The entire Golden State has found itself soaked with these high tides, ones the National Weather Service said posed an “especially heightened threat to life and property,” per the New York Times.

So please, California readers, don’t be dumba—es. Drowning to death is not a fun way to go.