While several things in life are better smooth, shaves, coffee, that one move when you yawn and put your arm around your girl's shoulders, tires most definitely are not, a very important lesson one driver discovered the hard  — but somehow not deadly — way.

On Sunday, @doitmuvaaa headed to Twitter with a question for the car guys of Twitter, sharing a snap of her tires while questioning whether it was time to revamp her ride.

“I’m assuming this mean change the tire [sic]??” she captioned a photo of what appears to be her car’s front left tire, one worn so far down you can see her reflection.

Naturally, everyone who has ever even looked at a car jumped in her replies, not only offering her a resounding “yes,” but asking how the hell she was still alive.

“Looking at urself in the afterlife through the tires,” wrote @KIM0___.

“I just know you gotta be a decent person the way you ain’t died yet,” added @cantimpressjade, while Howie DeWitt likened her situation to a Carrie Underwood song.

“Jesus has had the wheel for a while now,” they wrote.

Despite these concerns, questions have emerged about whether or not @doitmuvaaa’s ride was actually safer than we realized. Though some race car drivers do rely on smooth tires to help them nab better traction while whipping around the track, the armchair auto experts at eBaum’s World argued that as her bumper appears to be that of a personal car, she’s probably not setting racing records any time soon.

But hey, maybe we’re wrong. With tires like those, we can only hope that @doitmuvaaa is exclusively driving on the Indy 500 course on a warm, dry day … and only the Indy 500 course on a warm, dry day.