Jets' second year quarterback Zach Wilson is a bad, bad man. And I mean that in the best way possible. It's recently come out that Zach has apparently been scoring on and off the field. His ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile, has accused Wilson of cheating and sleeping with his mom's best friend.

The accusation came on the heels of Gile taking a photo with Wilson's old BYU roommate and current Washington wide receiver, Dax Milne. The two are seemingly dating now.

The internet was quick to come celebrate and support Wilson. After all he does have experience with cougars. Here's the original comment.

Whether or not the accusation is based on any amount of truth is yet to be seen, but Twitter had an absolute field day.

For reference, the BYU mascot is a cougar...So of course the 'American Pie' memes started rolling in.

Whether or not he actually slept with his mom's friend hardly makes a difference at this point, the dude is a living legend. But let's be real, we all knew this guy had that dog in him.

He literally took 2 BYU cheerleaders to his high school prom. You read that correctly...two.

Listen, don't hate the player, hate the game.

Head held high, young king!