In a world of scammers and frauds, there are some who use their trickster powers not to gain vast sums of wealth, or notoriety, but to show their hog.

Over the weekend, @fromkdwithluv posted a screenshot from her DMs of a man going by @johncisco69 who told her that someone was impersonating her on Instagram, only the message was a trick to get her to see his man meat.

“Enough small talk. I don’t usually go for blacks but I will probably let you ride the White Stallion,” he writes after a picture of him flexing full frontal with a rose in his mouth and a cowboy hat on his head.

And @frfomkdwithluv quickly found out that she was not the only one to be subjected to Cisco’s naked body and lewd messages.

“Ok, now that I have your attention[,] *ahem* damn girl are you a picket line? cause you are STRIKING,” Cisco said to @summerahrens using his usual fake impersonator ruse. Sadly, @summerahrens was sent two disgustingly horny photos of Cisco; one posed on his side wearing nothing but his cowboy hat and an over-the-shoulder bathroom pic of his butt.

Both posts went so viral that they caught the attention of @cyber_bunnie who claimed that the DM creeper was her father. In response to our request for comment asking if the serial dick-pic’er was her father, she said, “Hi there. i lied it’s not my dad

And while he may not be her father, he very well could be someone’s father.

“LMFAO I've gotten a photo from him too, dude is the most confident 2 incher I've ever seen,” replied @chudsoftiktok.

@cyber_bunnie was rightfully mortified by the ordeal, but not as much as she would have been if the cowboy hat-wearing, rose-holding dick-pic-tricker had actually been her dad.

Beware, ladies, if you receive a message from a boomer telling you your account has been hacked, or you’re being impersonated, he probably just wants to show you his dick.