Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

Following weeks of being a dick, IRL streamer Johnny Somali (real name Ramsey Khalid Ismael) has been arrested in Osaka, Japan. Of course, he was live-streaming when it happened, so if you want to know what it looks like to be arrested by Japanese police, now’s your chance!

The steamer (Johnny Somali) who’s been harassing Japan for months has been arrested
byu/Oriachim inPublicFreakout

To be clear, being an asshole is not a jailable offense. What *is* a jailable offense is trespassing, which is the reason Somali got arrested in the first place.

Per Japan Today, Somali and a dude named Jeremiah Dwane Branch — or “Jino” — “allegedly made an unauthorized entry into a hotel construction site in Osaka's Chuo Ward on August 30th with Branch filming a masked Ismael at the scene, according to the police.”

I do take issue with the “allegedly” here. Sure, they haven’t been prosecuted yet, but this man is an IRL live streamer. If he did it, he was likely filming it. Aaaaaand, you guessed it, he totally was.

Now, some in the comments claim that this is a separate trespassing event. Hey, in my opinion, the more the merrier when it comes to possible reasons to arrest this guy.

What happens now? According to Japan Today, the local cops have said that the pair “have told police they will not speak until they see lawyers.” Good luck with that.

Until we know exactly what happened, Redditors are hoping for the worst. “I really hope they keep him in a Japanese prison instead of shipping him back home. Dude deserves to be humbled,” said one commenter. “It’s all a joke to him on camera. Behind the scenes when reality sets in, he’s going to be the biggest crybaby in prison. I guarantee it,” stated another.

We should have a better idea of what will happen to Johnny Somali after the weekend. Until then, to the good people of Japan — you’re finally free. Unless, that is, you run into another content creator