In a shocking turn of events, someone who posted a viral video wasn’t telling the whole story. Earlier this month, a Toronto-based TikToker named Tiffany Mraj posted a video of her neighbor cutting down their fence and throwing the pieces into Mraj’s family’s yard, earning the woman the nickname “Chainsaw Karen” or “Fence Lady.”

Throughout the video, Mraj’s sister can be heard shouting at the neighbors to stop, which they didn’t, resulting in a scuffle. Police were called, but no charges were filed.

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Seems pretty simple, right? Cutting down your neighbor’s fence is an obvious no-no. But as is the way with the internet, it turns out that this wasn’t the full story. Fence Lady has taken to TikTok to share her side of the story. The fence was erected so close to Fence Lady’s home that she couldn’t access things like her air-conditioning unit in order to perform repairs. In addition, according to the government, the fence is on her property, giving her the right to remove it if she sees fits.

In her video, she explains that she tried to peacefully resolve the issue, delivering a notice asking the Mraj family to move the fence that was ignored. She received two letters from the family’s lawyer accusing her of harassment and threatening to take her to court. In the video, Tiffany’s sister can be seen spraying Fence Lady with a hose as she talks to the camera, which, at least one lawyer has pointed out, is assault.

@that_lawyer_says #stitch with @fencelady the neighbors were about to legally take her property for themselves—if her video is accurate, then good for her. #neighbors ♬ original sound - that lawyer says

Since the original video went viral, other videos have emerged showing members of the Mraj family saying to Fence Lady, “Learn to speak English and then come back to me.” It’s safe to say, Mraj and her family have lost any goodwill they may have accrued after their initial video went viral, with the majority of commenters siding with Fence Lady.

Mraj has since made her TikTok profile private in an attempt to avoid some of the backlash. I’m sure the internet has learned its lesson here, too, and will never again jump to conclusions before having both sides of a story.