As we wrote the other day Kanye West is back on Twitter and dumber than ever. From tweeting pics of the worst looking shoes you've ever seen to sinfully bad 'slides,' the rap icon is back in the spotlight. 

We reported that Kanye was working on a philosophy book, about his life, ideas and oh yeah, his love for President Trump. That was last week and today things went further than Twitter was prepared for. It all started with his tweet. 

Which was then followed by this tweet. 

And drum roll please, yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Kanye West, the man who once said Goerge Bush didn't care about black people during a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser proudly wearing his MAGA hat. 

He even has one that's singed. 

Now just wait a second. Before you go around praising Kanye West as 'woke' black man, fighting the oppressive ideology of liberalism in America, we need to ask a question. Why? Why is Kanye West doing this? And why now? 

People know Kanye and Trump are close buds. This probably due to their larger than life personas and the narcissistic personalities, but that doesn't explain why now. So let' see what Kanye has to say about it. 

Ahh yes, the old-fashioned social media meltdown that's actually a marketing ploy to promote a new series of albums trick. Get's 'em every time. But honestly, this is a serious tactic used by individuals and companies alike in the social media world, the only thing to see now is if it pays off for Mr West in the long run, because as of now, Kanye has lost 9 million Twitter follows in under 5 hours.